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    STANDER Laptop + Classic

    Flampic: uniqueness, convenience, comfort.

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    A set of two pieces in gift box for laptop and phone. 

    Laptop STANDER:

    • raises the laptop to a fixed angle of 10°,
    • suitable for all laptops with a diagonal from 12'' to 16'', a length 9,6 in (24.5 cm),
    • can be used on the table and on the bed.

    STANDER Classic:

    • tilt angle adjustment,
    • the vertical and horizontal position of the phone,
    • suitable for phones up to 0,6 in (15 mm) thick (with or without a case),
    • it has two holes of different sizes: for changing the angle of inclination and different models of phones. Choose a convenient method of use for yourself!

    Craft package will be perfect for a present!

    STANDER Laptop + Classic

    Laptop Stander

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