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    STANDER Family (Mini 2 + Classic +Tab)

    Flampic: uniqueness, convenience, comfort.

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    Set of three STANDERS: Mini + Classic +Tab.

    STANDER Classic:

    • size - 4 x 1.6 inch,
    • compatible with smartphones in silicone case,
    • portrait and landscape orientation,
    • tilt angle adjustment,
    • compatible with all smartphones with silicone case.

    STANDER Mini:

    • size - 2.8 x 1.4 inch,
    • made from beech,
    • compatible with all smartphones in silicone case,
    • only for landscape orientation,
    • may be a keychain.

    STANDER Tab:

    • size - 6 x 2.5 inch,
    • compatible with smartphones and with tablets,
    • portrait and landscape orientation,
    • tilt angle adjustment.

    Produced from natural solid wood (Beech or Nut). Standers packed in a box that will be perfect for a present.

    STANDER Family (Mini 2 + Classic +Tab)


    Stander Classic is suitable for most models of modern smartphones. We recommend the regular version of the Stander Classic for phones up to 6.7-7 inches. And if your device is larger, we recommend choosing the Stander Tab, which will make your device more stable.

    The smaller hole in the Stander is 0.4 inches (10 mm), the larger one is 0.7 inches (18 mm). The minimum width of the phone to hold it vertically is 0.3 inches (7.3 mm), the maximum is 0.6 inches (15 mm).

    The first slot usually uses for phones with cases. The second slot is used for slim phones or phones without a case.

    Every stander holds the phone in both horizontal and vertical positions.

    Firstly, our recommendation is to place the device as described in the instructions (here is either a link to or a picture). Depending on the phone model and its characteristics, you will be able to choose a convenient angle of inclination for your phone in a vertical and horizontal position.

    You can use Stander for tablets, phones, and e-books up to 7,9".

    Yes, you can change a tilt angle by moving your phone in the slot of Stander. It has a specific form that will change the tilt angle of the display depending on the position in the slot.

    The difference between these two holders is only in visual design. Stander Epoxy has more stages of production and is more complicated in grinding. The construction, reliability, and functionality of both are the same.

    All types of wood for stander are famous their strength and have the same characteristics supporting the phone. Therefore, when choosing a stand, we advise you to rely on your taste and aesthetic criteria.

    Stander has a very strong construction. During the design of Stander, we made a lot of different crash-test. Also, we check the surface of every holder in different stages of production. All this is to create a reliable Stander for you.

    Every Stander is packed in a craft box that will have a nice look even for a present. Also, we will put all this to transport packing for extra save Stander during delivery.

    During designing of Stander, we tried to combine a comfortable user experience, functionality, and stylish look. On our way to the perfect Stander, we made 179 drafts, and 142 prototypes, tried out 13 materials, and carried out a series of crash tests.

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